Saturday, September 29, 2012

Band 1: Introducing oneself

Descriptor: B1 DL1: Introducing oneself.
Evidence: B1 DL1 E1: Able to introduce oneself using suggested sentence patterns.

I have read through Band 1 descriptors stated in the 'DOKUMEN STANDARD PRESTASI' for Form 1. I found that 3 descriptors can be combined in the way of assigning the students to do a simple presentation. I chose literature component; poem The River as the basis of their presentation. I will describe this in the next post.

to let students to take example on how to introduce themselves with guidance.

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
  • read aloud the introductory text in correct pronunciation
  • answer the questions provided.
  • Write at least 5 correct sentences on introducing themselves.

Activities and Procedures:
Single lesson period:
Teacher distributes worksheet 01 that consist of a sample on how to introduce oneself.

Teacher reads the text to students.
Students read aloud the text.

Teacher distributes worksheet 02
Students introduce themselves in written form based on the instructions given.
Students introduce themselves orally based on what they have written.

Teacher distributes worksheet 03 for enrichment activity.
Students write new sentence patterns based on the instructions given.

Note to teachers:
  • In worksheet 02, even though students are required to write based on the 5 questions given, teacher can encourage them to write more about themselves. 
  • To ensure that they are paying attention, teacher can ask students randomly on presented friend's details.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Teaser B4 DTE1

Descriptor: B4 DT1 - Writing an informal letter
Evidence: B4 DTE1- Able to write an informal letter using the correct format and with appropriate grammar.

Here are some photos when I conducted activities based on the descriptor and evidence above.

Letter writing

Correction is given for grammatical errors

Folding the letter 
Writing real address for the letter to be sent to.

More description? Just wait... I have loads of clerical work to deal with...

A beginning


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I've started developing a blog that I hope can be a kind of record on whatever I did for PBS Secondary. The lessons published here are to be shared and reviewed as well since the implementation is still new in secondary schools. Do leave comments and wonderful suggestions to help me (perhaps us..) to improvise the lessons.

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